Smart and precision labeling solutions

to a wide range of applications in food packaging, cosmetics, electronics, furniture, pharmaceutics, appliance and assembly industries.

Save time and money

in the logistics industry, wholesalers, distribution centers and retailers.

All devices are easy to operate

small space is required, quick load and unload. Dispense any size, shape, and material of label.

Label dispenser is a portable device for the automatic feeding of adhesive labels and bar codes. They prove themselves everywhere where it is necessary to marking and labeling of goods, parcels, packages or containers. Semi automatic ejection system labels streamlines and speeds up the work.

We offer labeling with variable feed speed and the maximum width of the label. Dispensers Label Series Quick Label are additionally equipped with adjustable width and length of the label and in the regulation of feeding speed.

Each model in the series, both Quick Label, and Label Surfer has an LCD display counting device made by the label.

Label Dispensers are modernly designed, well made device designed just to improve and speed up work related to the labeling and labeling elements.

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